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Ryan Gibson VP of Sales and Marketing for VocalScape Network is a specialist in sales, marketing, internal corporate relations and international business relations with 7 years experience in the Technology field. His work with the international business community has given him worldwide exposure, most recently in Spain, South Africa, the US and Canada. Ryan actively works with the BC Technology Industries Association and is one of the founding partners in VocalScape Networks. As a Business Development Specialist he has lent his talents to Vocalscape Networks, Freeview Publishing, the BC TIA, ClickHouse, Xplorex and Knowledge Brokers International.

VOCALSCAPE Networks, Inc. is a Vancouver-based company receiving international attention for its development of Web-based Customer Service Solutions for the Internet and VOIP network design. Today companies use VOCALSCAPE for Voice over Internet Protocol applications like IP PBX’s, Softswitches, PC2Phone and Web2Phone providing real-time Human Interaction and Information Delivery over the Internet.

Using VOCALSCAPE technology, any company - local or regional, national or multi-national, single location or multi-site - can reap the benefits of increased interaction with their Customers. VOCALSCAPE develops innovative technologies for companies that see the potential of the Internet and telephony to enhance their service offerings and build Meaningful Customer Relationships.

VOCALSCAPE is committed to making great technology; challenging the status quo, and building a 21st Century company that changes the way businesses communicate and interact through the Internet.


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